Embroidered Elephant Wall art with pompoms, bell, mirror work and beads decoration

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Materials :

Golden beads, Maroon velvet, Embroidery threads, Brass bells, Pearl beads, Woolen pompom, Mirror work

Dimensions :
-Height 17 inches { from steel hanger to bell }
-Width 13.5 inches

Embroidered Elephant wall Hanging / wall decor is made on maroon cotton velvet. In middle of square elephant is beautifully designed with outer mirror work. 2 sides of square are decorated with colorful woolen balls and bells. Elephant symbol can be used in any room of your home or office, as well as generally in the living room to activate Yang energy Most of all, elephants emit an energy of kindness and strength. Also, you can gift to others to wish them better and good luck. One can use for this with various flowers and pom pom strings 2 sides of elephant wall art as shown Picture to make perfect photo backdrop.